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                                                                                                                Our analytics services provide cutting-edge solutions for prediction and classification

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Ultimate Blockchain Solution

Quantum Ledger Database

Immutable and Transparent

A built-in immutable journal that stores accurate and sequenced transaction entries

Cryptographically Verifiable

 Possibility to look back and verify the integrity of your data changes.


Capable of seamless, automatic scaling to meet future demands 

Streaming Capability

Equipped with streaming capability providing a near real-time flow 

Managed Blockchain

Fully managed

 Launching and configuring multiple blockchain peer nodes to process transaction requests and store a copy of the ledger

Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum

Wide support and integration with two popular blockchain frameworks, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum

Scalable and Secure

 Easily scale blockchain network as the usage of applications on the network grows over time


Ensure delivery of transactions across the blockchain network

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  • Our specialized team can deliver seamless solutions to complex business problems
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  • Our deep knowledge of corporate transactions and contractual nuisances, together with our technical expertise,  make us the best digital provider of  blockchain ledger databases 

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